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   b2bcoin is a fun, fast, and easy way to send money
to friends and businesses.


We are a new cryptocurrency coin to be used in B2B, B2C, MLM businesses and B2B Exchange released by: b2beyond company.




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we are introducing a token specially made for b2b and mlm.

1. 50% Emission 1st Year

First year we will mine more then 50% of the total coins available. The difficulty will always be low. This is the b2bcoin approach. Anybody will be able to mine the coins and start a business.

2. The Platform

On top of the b2bcoin we are creating a platform like Wix,but specially for b2b sites. A lot of components will be available for the developer. Components can easily be designed by a designer, after the component was added to your site.

3. Mining the coin

You can mine your own coins and start a business.Start mining on our pool.



  • August 2017

    The official beta launch of B2B coin is a fact. We have searched and created a new coin, based on the PoW algortihm. There are 18,446,744 coins to be distributed. Together with the coin we launched the beta of our website and integrated a pool for our users.

  • Last quarter of 2017

    We will finish the gui wallet and support all three major platforms(Mac, Linux and windows). Also we will have our own block explorer, the front website (b2bcoin.xyz). Exchanges are on the planning as well, first we need to create a community, that will be the b2b business and our own b2b platform.

  • First quarter of 2018

    Begin 2018, we will start on the web api support to integrate B2B coin payments easily as 123 into b2b business websites.

  • Second quarter of 2018

    Marketing campaigns.

    In the second quarter of 2018, we will finish our b2b platform, this platform will allow people to create there own b2b platform. The coin will be a method of payment and we will also provide a component wihtin the platform to use the coin. The platform is component based and will have lots of template components for the users to integrate in a fashionable way and so creating a complex site, even with basic knowledge of web technologies and concepts.

  • Last semester of 2018 - First quarter 2020

    Marketing campaigns and Meroex development.

    We would go for our official alpha Launch. We would have already thanked all people that are contributing to the coin right know. We will go through a lot off struggles, but we will get there and start a vast community.

  • Second quarter of 2020

    Meroex enhancement.

    Implementation of i18n on Meroex to provide users with a better personilized experierience. More coins will be listed on Meroex too.

  • Third quarter of 2020

    Meroex upgrades.

    Welcome to Ethereum tokens! Ethereum blockchain will be fully integrated and tokens will be able to be listed on Meroex.

  • Fourth quarter of 2020

    B2Bcoin upgrades.

    Minor wallet improvements for the B2Bcoin wallet and the creation of a new app for the B2Bcoin platform.

  • Year 2021

    For the year 2021, we plan to further develop our community to make the B2Bcoin more famous by continuying to list it on more exchanges. About Meroex, more and more coins & tokens will be listed! Stay tuned!

B2B Coin TEAM, we are still looking for more team members and contributors. Contact us on Telegram or Discord.


Founder / CEO
Olivier is a great Devops, Full Stack Engineer. After years of experience in the B2B Business, He finally decided something had to change. Therefore he invented B2B.


Co-founder / Mining Expert
Jerry is the mining expert on duty. Got any questions on mining he is the guy to talk to.


Al takes care of marketing / social media and does so many for the community. Al is one of the first members of the group and a strong believer.


Senior Designer
Kuan is a talented designer, that passed our way. Since, Kuan is designing all our material and he is real good at his job. He transform something ugly into something desirable for the eyes.


3D Designer / Critic / Troll
Pitchie is a great 3D Designer. As a second job on the team he helps with website design and critics. He is also our internal Troll on duty.


Web Developer
AJ is experienced in web development and design and built the current B2b website.

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