We are a new cryptocurrency coin to be used in B2B, B2C, MLM businesses and B2B Exchange released by:
b2beyond company.
  • The official beta launch of B2B coin is a fact. We have searched and created a new coin, based on the PoW algortihm. There are 18,446,744 coins to be distributed. Together with the coin we launched the beta of our website and integrated some pool for our users.
  • We plan to finish the gui wallet and support all three major platforms, being Mac, Linux and windows. Also we tend to finish our own blockexplorer, The front website (b2bcoin.xyz). Exchanges are on the planning as well, first we need to create a sort of community, that will be the b2b business and our own b2b platform.
  • Begin 2018 we should have started on the web api support to integrate B2B coin payments easily as 123 into b2b business websites.
  • In the second quarter of 2018 we will finish our b2b platform, this platform alows people to create there own b2b platform. The coin will be a method of payment and we will also provide a component wihtin the platform to use the coin. The platform is component based and will have lots of template components for the users to integrate in a fashionable way and so creating a complex site with few knowledge of todays technologies and concepts.

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  • In the last semester of 2018 we would go for our official alpha Launch. We would already thank all people that are contributing to the coin right know. We will go through a lot off struggles, but we will get there and start a vast community. To be continued ...

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Business 2 Business can mean anything.
From selling to other companies to selling to regular people.
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